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Teach them what to do. Use some of the incredible tools available to help you! Anything we teach requires tools. Teaching your child to have a daily quiet time is no exception to this rule. There are many tools that will help you with this task. When our kids are ready to learn to have a devotional time, our focus should now be on helping them understand the need for a personal habit of spending time with God.

They need to know why they would even want to do this, what God says about it, how it should be done or not done, and what it means for their lives. I know this goes without saying, but a Bible is critical for devotions for kids. If the Bible is not involved in our quiet time, something is missing. However, we live in a culture that is infiltrated with incredibly crafty false teaching. We just make sure to look up verses and compare the teaching to what is actually in the Bible.

Most often, I use resources that challenge me to look up the verses myself. Its truth is revealed to us through the Holy Spirit. We have both of these in our home and love the study helps and illustrations. Of course, there are many other options and translations out there, too. There are four Bible study method templates in this journal. My Time with God is designed to be alternated and covers about three to five months of study depending on how many days of the week it is used. The passage you study is not listed. That is up to you. This journal is intended to be self-guided and completely flexible for your quiet time needs.

They come in a sturdy gift box that is perfect for daily use. These super thick and high-quality cards encourage prayer through suggestions and Scripture. I have designed them specifically with multi-ages in mind. Parents can use the cards with young children, praying and reading through them as a family. As children get older, they have the freedom to use the cards to support their own prayer life. One of our favorite ways to make devotions for kids FUN is with writing utensils. Boys and girls alike love to have fun things to write with. Whether it is colorful ink, a fluffy topper, or a barrel that lights up, do something fun with your pens.

We love these multi-colored journaling pens. Of course, you might also grab a cute cup or mug to store them in! These Bible book tabs make me so happy. They are super fun for kids. My teenage girls asked if they could have a set because they are so cute. Ok, truth be told, I really want a set! If you have boys, go black and white.

Or if you have a budding artist, let them design their own! Every year at homeschool conventions these are quite popular among the boy shoppers. I pray this post has been helpful for you and your family. What are your ideas or questions? Share them with us in the comments below! My daughter is 15 yeas old and does not want to pray with me or even do devotionals.

What can I do?

Devotions for kids: Tools, Tricks + Tips for an Effective Quiet Time

I do not want to push it on her. I would pray for her and ask God to change her heart. I would ask her from time to time. Maybe every few days or so. Please let me know if you change your mind. Is she saved? I would question her salvation if she is uninterested in things of the faith. She may have ideas about what she thinks or anticipates will happen at this setting, that she wants to avoid. But I would encourage you to gently keep investigating what is at the root of this.

Game Changer Unboxing

When I was a teen, I was an introvert, which made it easy to succumb to a lot of shyness. I also was a people pleaser and regularly stuffed my emotions because it seemed easier and safer than trying to express myself and risking being in trouble for saying the wrong thing. I remember my mom confronting me on other things — her style being to come at it head on and emphatically demand or beg me to open up. The more she did, the more I shut down because she overwhelmed me.

Let me be clear: this is a combo of many factors and NOT my moms fault!!!! But this can be an opportunity for you to show her that she can trust you and God with that!!! May He show you how to draw her out!!! Such great ideas for guiding teens through those years! Rather from a place of brokenness, before God, flat on my face, pleading and interceding for my kid.

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Devotional time is so very important to our kids growing strong in their relationship with God. God promises that HIS Word will not return void, and I often speak that promise in prayer over my child. Not with the teen. Pray when everything looks ok. Pray for their friends as they hold a place of influence at your teens ear.

Ask friends to pray with you. Family to pray. Fight the battles before, during, and after on your knees. Just the tip of the iceberg! Secondly, hang out. They do…. Schedule it. Make it spontaneous. Run get a mocha? Sure mom! Wanna catch the matinee for the new movie?

Go for a hike.

Sons of the King Daily Devotionals

Work on a project together. They make a game of guessing the name of the song the fastest! Bake or cook together. Face time often equals talk time. Third, pray. Pray for opportunity. To share, to hang out. Plan it. And guard it to the best of your ability. If your teen is a reader, this may work for you. Taking turns reading a chapter at night and discussing it seems to be working well for us, and we do that in place of watching a TV show. There are plenty of options for topics — some are set up as devotionals, some themed for courage or faith, others we have include life journeys, perhaps overcoming a disability or life circumstance.

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It is my hope that you are encouraged today! God is faithful. He keeps His Word.

Making Jesus Real to Kids

He promised to go before us in battle. And I hold on to my hat knowing that, as I write this, the next challenge is on its way! And Kim, I am so thankful for your ministry. As our oldest embarks on the homeschool adventure with the grand children, I am thrilled that your resources will be part of their journey! Thank you for these articles and great resources. My question is about scheduling the morning. So far we have our morning chores required before breakfast since food is a great motivator to get their chores done.

Our chores are similar trip yours: dressed, beds made, clothes tidied, hair brushed. Do you do qt with your kids before breakfast? Do you have a specific time that you require everyone to wake up? I hear so many homeschoolers talk about schooling in their pjs. I went to private school and had to get up at a regular time my whole life, but still was always late and always hated the mornings. How do you get your kids started in the morning at a decent time? I am always concerned that they get enough sleep for their developing bodies, and my oldest two stay up late in their beds even with an early bedtime.

Lots of questions, sorry. Thank you so much for the reminder to not push this! Popular author Donald Miller on the power and importance of story. On June 27 Join the Applause takes place across the world. Simply go outside and watch the sunset, praising your Creator however you want.

Have you ever stopped to look at a sunset and the thought of God's biggness and great love never seemed more clear? What if we used his great creation to share the gospel? Getting back to the authentic light in our relationship with Christ. Published by and for Lifelines the outdoor ministry of Cru , this beautifully designed document is an essential companion for spending time in nature, reminding people how Creation reflects the glory of the Creator.

How do we press pause for a chunk of time? How do we find a way to just experience God? All creation reflects something about the creator, and I believe the best art comes from deeply personal places. Visual artists mold, paint, sculpt, draw, or design their hopes, dreams and desires. The InTransition Workbook equips and prepares graduating seniors to transition to post-graduation life and make an impact for Christ in the world.

Ready for life after college? How do people interpret life? What do we use to understand our circumstances, especially when things get rough? After becoming the object of a city-wide search, I realize the spiritual connection in finding something of value that was lost.


Experience Christian freedom instead of living your Christian life based on what used to be true about you. Why doubt is not necessarily a road-block to deep faith. Psalm says, "Be still and know that I am God. Making decisions, both big and small, can be difficult. These 4 practical tips might help you make your next choice.

In Genesis 3, Moses records the fall and its immediate effects. In particular he shows three completely novel and deeply negative experiences that would forever accompany mankind: guilt, shame, and fear. A young St. Francis had been calling on God as usual — then he heard a life-changing answer. Incredible stuff. Jesus clearly states that no one will know the exact time and date of His return. Jesus Without Religion paints a compelling portrait of Jesus and after finishing the book, the reader will clearly understand the words, works and claims of Jesus.

They had met with Jesus there before. Jesus had sometimes prayed there. In James, John and Peter took them to the very spot where said Jesus had appeared in blazing white glory. If you have ever honestly wrestled with your faith in God, then the following thoughts are for you. What makes people do dangerous things? What does it look like for us to step out in faith boldly?

Courage to hear the truth about ourselves, courage to stand up for the truth and courage to proclaim the gospel. Understand how you can know God personally. What is Christianity? Learn the basics of what Christians believe. Dealing with Life's Questions Explore answers to life's biggest questions.

Read about individuals who have been transformed by faith.

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