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Ex-Heroes (Ex-Heroes, #1) by Peter Clines

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The Loch Ness monster, Bigfoot, faked moon landings, the election results—you can believe in whatever fairy tale you want. Before you read this book you have to ask yourself: 1. Do I like Books that read like summer blockbuster movies? Do I like Zombie Books? Do I like dark humor that also includes pop culture references?

If Joss Whedon and J. Abrams had a son that only wrote books would he be Peter Clines? If you said yes three or more of the above questions then Ex-Heroes is probably right up your alley. I really enjoyed how this book took two genres and really combined them together seamlessly. It could have become extra cheesy with Superheroes and Zombies but I really enjoyed the moments that were serious and the others that made fun of the zombie apocalypse itself. I alternated between the Audio which is fantastic and I totally recommend if you listen to Audiobooks at all and the ebook.

The story is set around a group of Superheroes who have come together Avenger style to protect a group of people inside a former movie studio. From the POV of the Superheroes there are a few chapters in the present and then a chapter from the past and the beginning of the zombie apocalypse. They are also in a turf war with a gang from LA who wants the guns and ammunition the Heroes have stockpiled. People could say a lot of negative things about the apocalypse, but there was no arguing the air quality in Los Angeles had really improved.

With the way the story is told the reader gets a sense of the decay of society and how it all went downhill so fast. He actually showed us how the Zombie virus got start and who was Patient Zero. It was done in such a great way that I thought it blended in with the story perfectly, so bravo on that. Clines even included a game of your top 5 celebrity kills to kind of show how in the aftermath people are trying to keep spirits up. What an interesting take on the fall of society and there is even the new additional problems of former superheroes as Zombies.

Peter Clines gave every POV a very distinctive feel and even changed the way the story was told in a few chapters to really change the voice of each. The way the chapter on Cairax was written in particular was my favorite. There were only a few things I struggled with. There are a lot of characters and all the Superheroes have their secret identity name and then their Superhero name. I got a little confused keeping them all straight for a little while sorta like a George RR Martin Book I needed a character tree. But by the end I totally had the hang of it I hope.

Because there are so many characters it was hard to get a really in-depth look at any. The only other issue I had was with the action sequences getting a little bit repetitive that I lost focus. There are great moments in the action sequences too, like using one zombie to knock around others and such but I only have a limited attention span for fight scenes.

View all 11 comments. How kickass is this book? I am currently sitting on toilet but not going to the bathroom at work just to try and get my thoughts out. I figure that if anyone does read this, enjoys the hell out of this book, and comes to thank me because of my review - they won't mind. Deal with it :p Seriously I love the imagery of the entire thing. You would think that it's all just blood, guts, and load of undead and in one way it totally is but there is so much more.

This book is totally epic. The way C How kickass is this book? The way Clines tells the story with his then and nows is very well developed. It's like he's a master juggler putting on his best act just asking you to keep on watching. He's good. So good I'm starting the next part as soon as I'm done here. No hesitation to speak of. Clines is a genius. Seriously though in an uncoordinated hand this story would be all over the place. He takes you wherever you think you want to go, keeps the story moving along in real time, knowing where it's going shows you just a sliver to make sure you're paying attention all while the juggling act keeps going you didn't even see he's go the grand finale unloading on another part of the stage.

One moment you're hearing exposition and you think to yourself ok I have a grasp of what's going on and then he shows you a new trick, taking you to a different time or place like it's meant to happen that way and you're left there just staring. Not trying to make sense of it but to wonder how did you get sucked in so deep, so quickly. Love it. Yes I know the act may seem like a bit much at times but when you get home later and your house has pimped out by Clines cause he got bored with his magic act you thank him.

That's what I'm trying to tell you right now. I thank you Mr. I thank you for sharing your awesome with us. Also I've had a couple of delusions of grandeur while reading this. One, making it into a blockbuster movie is inevitable and two, while I really liked the heroes portrayed I actually had a few favorites not just one and a bunch of sidekicks.

I want them to all have their own films. I'm a fan. Just saying. Its actually taking me a bit longer than I thought to get all this down on my phone and so without rising any suspicion in here I'm going to pause it. Seriously though, have I mentioned how sweet this book is? It honestly felt like someone pumped some adrenaline into my veins. Work has moved quick with some books lately don't get me wrong but this one Yeah yeah I'm clearly out of the bathroom now ;- I'm recommending this to anyone who's a fan of the genre, anyone curious, anyone with a pulse really.

I mean it's a totally different feel than Hold Me Closer, Necromancer was that really last week already? View all 9 comments. I'm rating this high based on how much I enjoyed the plot. Every woman in this book is either a hypersexualized wet fantasy or is characterized as a "bitch. It probably won't surprise anyone to I'm rating this high based on how much I enjoyed the plot. It probably won't surprise anyone to find out that the author mentions not one but TWO instances of non-graphic necrophilia. Stealth, in particular, is the author's wet dream fantasy put to paper.

She wears a skintight uniform, but keeps her face hidden because she is apparently SO beautiful that men tend to think she's incapable of being more than a model. That the author admits to having created all of these characters in grade school just makes me uncomfortable that he never grew out of this blatant misogyny. There's also the issue of race. NONE of the heroes are people of color, besides the already deceased Banzai, who is pretty stereotyped in the few pages she was given. In fact the only character on the "good side" described as Asian is one of the anti-super hero citizens of the Mount.

I can't recall any of the SS gang members being white. The author does mention a little bit of queerness. I read Stealth as asexual, but having experimented with men and women in college. And a few times women would ogle women. However, this seems to coincide with the author's sexist fantasies rather than being completely inclusive. Actually, I feel bad for rating this so high, but everything else was just excellent. It's really unfortunate that talented writers have to be such assholes.

I will tell you this: I won't be reading Ex-Patriot. Other reviews have mentioned an increase in racism and sexism, which I don't think I'd be able to ignore. The more I think about it, the less I want to reward the author for the misogyny and racism in this book. View all 13 comments. May 27, Lindsey Rey rated it liked it Shelves: funny , , science-fiction.

The concept for this is really cool. I certainly have never read anything with superheroes AND zombies before and thia book definitely surprised me.

Biblical Series II: Genesis 1: Chaos & Order

However, I find it kind of confusing to keep track of the characters and order of events and so I never really got into the story. I am not going to continue the series but if you want a superhero and zombie book, I would give this a shot! View 1 comment. I hate this! It's just that I think this is better than a 3.

Curse you 5 star rating system! We'll have to call this one 3.

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I think this is first Zombie Apocalypse book I've ever made it all the way through though I could be wrong. Anyway as ubiquitous as these books What's the big deal? Oh well I mean What do you mean what's the story here??? Zombies have over run the earth, they always do that. There's nobody more inconsiderate that a bunch of undead flesh crunchers.

I mean these things are so predictable. No matter what anyone else wants their only interested in one thing And you're food. Then you're one of them and all you're interested in is eating other people. Well, that and keeping your rotting parts from falling off. So, kinda fun if a story that assumes the death of the majority of humanity can be called "fun" lots of action, smash bang super folks and monstrously powerful undead Any down side?

Okay I'll put the one thing that annoyed me under a spoiler warning below. Still, while I wasn't enthralled and my mind wandered off a few times it's still a good book, enjoy. Well it was something the writer went for so I assume it won't annoy some of you as much as it did me. The character St. George is written like some people picture paladins like in RPGs.

He's so reticent to "take a life" he endangers the people he's supposed to be protecting. Not a really "Good-Guy Lawful Good thing to do. I mean he can't bring himself to "putdown" the undead versions of super-people he used to know. The zombies are dead whether you knew them before or not. I thought he got a bit annoying, and my friends here will probably think I'd identify more with a guy named Saint George than any of the other heroes. I probably would have if he'd only shown a little more common sense. I mean you can't kill something that's already dead. I've got X-Patriots waiting so hopefully I'll get to it soon Recommended for those who like things you know, spelled out.

View 2 comments. It's not the type of book that I would normally read. I like superheroes and whatnot but a couple of hundred pages worth? I was wary. I have to admit that I was surprised at how much I ended up enjoying this book. There were several superheroes, all original creations. At least I think they were because I have never heard of them. As the story progressed, there where chapters labeled 'Now' and 'Then'.

Each 'Then' segment spent a bit of time with a superhero and filled in the gaps about them-as far as how they were created and how they came to be in LA fighting zombies. Yes, superheroes fighting zombies I know it sounds silly and it was a little bit silly , but it was also well written, gory, bloody and just good fun. I will be buying the second book, just to see what happens.

I could power through and finish it but I don't really see the point. Maybe if I were more into zombie tales View all 3 comments.

Peter, the Pole and the Knob: An Ordinary Kids Book

George and a few minor characters. Ex-Heroes is self-contained and is the first book in the Ex Trilogy. February 25, marked the paperback and e-book publication of Ex-Heroes via Permuted press. Cover art is provided by Garret DeChellis. After the release of Ex-Patriots the sequel to this book, I contacted the publisher for review copies and they graciously sent both the books over promptly. I was hugely excited to see that it was focusing on superheroes coupled with zombies and I was hoping that it would not disappoint.

The human population though has an upper hand with the super heroes who are protecting them. George and a few others have shepherded humanity and are doing their best defeat the zombies while also searching for a cure. The story then begins as the heroes forage on almost a daily basis and try to retrieve as many tangible goods as they can with a few normal volunteers however they have been noticing that some one is competing with them and also leaving booby traps which creates further problems. From then on the author keeps the story moving forward with some great twists as well as the past recollections of each superhero.

This tactic keeps the twin story strands; the past and the present constantly entwined while delivering the clues about the enemy and also illuminating the mistakes of the past. I was thrilled with the way the story was presented and how in the end the author managed to pull it off by coalescing all the threads and resolving all the questions arising in the readers minds.

The author has also aced the characterization department as we are given access to many characters and all of them have vastly different personalities and agendas. This was what differentiated the characters from being comic book clones. And even though most of heroes have their own issues a la the X-men, the author has conveniently provided the back stories which clue the reader in to these issues.

Another tremendously exciting point was the humor which is present in all forms through out the story, from the black humor laced conversations to the celebrity zombie hunts; the author manages to make the darkness of the situation a little lighter. There also tons of references to various comic book characters, movies, SFF shows, books etc.

For me I got that overall Legend-like vibe and kudos to the author for making the climax that much exciting. I really loved this book for all of its good points which made it such a fun read, however the parts combined together make it an excellent book all together. One can point out that the author utilizes various tropes among the superheroes like the all invincible hero with the heart of gold, the secretive hero who stays alone even among the hero ken, etc. But with all the tropes being utilized Peter has still managed to put his own spin to these characters and the story thereby making it his own and one which can stand all amongst other wonderful debuts.

After all almost all SFF novels utilize tropes in one form or the other and it is up to the writer to make them seem seamless within the confines of the plot. To his credit Peter Clines passes with flying colors in his debut by giving the readers a tale which they can cherish for a long time to come. Ex-Heroes is a standout debut in the superhero and zombie genre. Heartily recommended for all fantasy, thriller, horror fans who would want to read a book which best exemplifies the real meaning of a page-turner. Apr 14, Roy rated it liked it. Very easy book to read. Flows very well. Just not the most amazing take on superheroes and zombies combined.

The plotting is ok with some decent twists. My biggest issue is the characterisation. It just seemed a little flat, and to be honest, I didnt gel with anyone. I also kept comparing it to Sandersons series, which I think does a much better job of characterisation and story telling. If you want a very easy read, wont take you long to finish, about superheroes fighting zombies then give it s Very easy book to read.

If you want a very easy read, wont take you long to finish, about superheroes fighting zombies then give it shot, but maybe check Sandersons series first. Aug 10, Lauren Stoolfire rated it liked it Shelves: sci-fi , horror , dystopia , zombies. Not quite as good as either The Walking Dead or The Avengers that's a very tall order, anyway , but still a good combination of zombies and superheroes. My main issue was keeping track of who's who and who can do what - it's easy to get the characters mixed up, especially right off the bat.

I'm not sure if I will be continuing the series, but I do think that Ex-Heroes could be awesome on the big screen. It was in the paper. It helps hide my identity. You're Korean!

See a Problem?

Which speaks as well for the limited range of zombie books I've read. Shuddup, comic book guy. Full review. Read from May 28 to 29, Ex-heroes was not meant for me, but I still recommend checking it out! You don't have to love stories about zombies in order to enjoy this book, but you have to be tolerant towards them. The sole reason I lost interest in EX-heroes was the annoying sense of deja-vu that I some times get when I watch a movie, a tv show or play a video game featuring a virus turning everyone into brainless man-eating monsters.

And yes, I know it's a genre on its own, so I don't really h Read from May 28 to 29, Ex-heroes was not meant for me, but I still recommend checking it out! And yes, I know it's a genre on its own, so I don't really have the right to complain about the similarities. Ex-heroes goes one step further by adding people with super powers who are trying to protect whatever's left of humanity. Surviving an apocalyptic future might sound easier if you have heroes on your side, right?

Don't get your hopes high, they are more powerful than any human, but not powerful enough to save everybody and that is exactly what makes this book unique and worth checking out- how do you deal with the sense of responsibility, the struggles knowing that all this power you posses is not making as much of a difference as you wished. Loved the angst, loved the heroes' POVs. Unfortunately for me, I think I am getting tired of the zombie-survival genre.

Even if it features super-heroes. Has anyone noticed how big zombies have become for the past years? Talk about: 1. View all 6 comments. I really liked super heroes as a kid, but as I got older I started liking my fiction a little darker. I liked Watchmen because the heroes had a dark side to them. They were not all good, they were flawed, I liked that. So when I met Peter at a con and got his book I was curious to read it. Sign me up! My favorite parts were the origin stories, the heroes and zombies are both relatively new I really liked super heroes as a kid, but as I got older I started liking my fiction a little darker.

My favorite parts were the origin stories, the heroes and zombies are both relatively new to this world. Not like that D-Bag Chris Angle, but like a sorcerer. So he experimented with some spells, gathered some artifacts, waited until the stars lined up just right, and hijacked a demons body from another dimension. Should have worn a condom you dumbass demon. Now the rest of us get to fight a zombified soldier from hell. Jul 08, Athena Shardbearer rated it really liked it Shelves: sci-fi-fantasy. Feb 22, Becky rated it it was ok Shelves: shouldve-read-young , spooky-scary-werewolf-bar-mitzvah , rainy-day-light-but-enjoyable , scifi , meh , characters-i-d-murder-for-free.

It hit all the right notes for reading pleasure. Ex-Heroes had a fun premise- people with super powers that are turned into zombies still retain their powers as they now hunt for human flesh. Sounds interesting right? The execution of weaving multiple stories was good, showing each currently serving hero before and after the zombie apocalypse, and how the world came to be the way it is.

So what went wrong? For me it was definitely the characters. You get the picture. The problem was that they never progressed beyond being just tropes. They were flat, and to me, unrelatable. I lacked the energy I had had when reading Stealth, the hyper-sexualized female dictator of the superheroes, was to me the most boring, ah woe to me, genius of the beautiful face and bounteous bosoms, but even St.

Ultimately a 2-star read, which is just okay. Also- when I think superheroes and zombies I automatically think scifi. Why is that? I mean, it depends on the mechanism by which the superheroes and zombies get their powers, right?

We discuss:

There is a fine line between superhero and wizard, and zombies are fantastical creatures more than scifi creatures if the mechanism is a curse, or the dead just rise. Now I want to read a book about necromantic science. Really blur those scifi and fantasy lines. Authors, go forth and write! May 10, David Church rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites. Man this book was a fanboys dream. Or should I say smashed? Some characters like Stealth you associate with a Batman knockoff or the Mighty Dragon — Superman sorta…maybe not so much but Clines comes Man this book was a fanboys dream.

Some characters like Stealth you associate with a Batman knockoff or the Mighty Dragon — Superman sorta…maybe not so much but Clines comes up with some really unique ones as well. Does this book have flaws? But that is ok. Jul 14, Dawn rated it did not like it Shelves: science-fiction , read-in