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Simplify algebraic expressions step-by-step

To simplify this expression, collect the like terms.

  1. Simplifying Algebraic Expressions.
  2. What is a Term?.
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This gives. This expression contains two types of different terms, those that contain and those that contain. Putting the simplified terms together gives. Algebraic expressions can be added and subtracted by collecting like terms, but expressions can also be multiplied and divided.

Worked example 18: Simplifying fractions

Multiplying a number or letter by itself is called squaring. This means read as 'a squared'. In , the 2 is known as the index number or power. Powers tell us how many times a number or letter has been multiplied by itself. In this example, is being multiplied by itself three times. The power of will be three, so,. Multiply the numbers first. Then multiply.

Combining like terms

The final answer is. Yes, 7 and 9 are like terms. Neither of them have a variable and that is what makes them like terms.

Simplify in Algebra

Ok, enough vocabulary We are going to simplify each expression by combining like terms. When you combine like terms, you MUST take the sign in front of the term with it or your answer may be incorrect!

I like to rewrite my like terms together. I feel that it makes it easier to compute and will help you to not lose your sign when you a lot of terms to combine. Ok, are you confident enough to use the distributive property when simplifying algebraic expressions? Sure you are, let's go! If you see an addition or subtraction problem inside a set of parenthesis, you must use the distributive property BEFORE simplifying the expression.

Simplify Calculator

As you review the next example, notice how the distributive property was used first, then the algebraic expression was simplified. Did you struggle with Algebra 1 this year? Do you need to freshen up or even relearn Algebra? Click here to see how I can personalize a program just for you! No need to struggle! Click here to see how I can help you!

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