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He discovers that stowaway termites are behind the leaks and must stop them. Approved 7 min Family, Animation, Comedy.

A poor cobbler feeds his last crust of bread to some birds that are really elves, who show their gratitude by finishing all his work while he sleeps and giving 'Tex Avery' a chance to show A modern-day version of the biblical legend on Cain and Abel. G 82 min Animation, Action, Adventure.


Happy Cricket and his cute, adorable friends will have to defeat the evil Wartlord and rescue Linda, the Night Star. This film celebrates the values of friendship, freedom and the defense of nature. Donald and his nephews are litterbugs: they drop garbage everywhere they go - even when they are out for a drive in Donald's car - until they are stopped by a policeman who makes them pick Porky Pig soon discovers that a termite is responsible for his belongings crumbling to dust.

When he can't exterminate the termite himself, he goes to a shyster who offers him a series of The tree surgeon a horse races to the giant sequoia, which isn't feeling well. His techniques, though, seem better suited to treating a person. First, the tree sticks out its tongue Approved 6 min Animation, Comedy, Short. Popeye has just finished his house when a band of termites attacks. He traps them in a metal garbage can, but they soon escape and launch a new attack, consuming his picket fence.

He comes G 6 min Animation, Short, Comedy. The Pink Panther's winter quarters, a log cabin, is besieged by a termite, which the panther tries unsuccessfully to stop with glue, a rifle, an axe, and insecticide. He renders the pest This three-part episodic documentary focuses on themes such as the choosing of partner, reproduction tactics, family planning and the growing-up process of offspring, of many different sort of animals, both those living in colder places and those in warmer.

Approved 17 min Comedy, Short. Andy is caught in the middle when his wacky-inventor brother-in-law invents a weird cure for termites, and the fact that the cure is worse than the evil becomes apparent when the solution Votes: 7. Approved 7 min Animation, Short. A topical post-WWII cartoon dealing with the shortage of housing for the returning military people and their families. In this one, though, the family having a housing problem is a family Votes: 9.

T Adventure, Fantasy. Prince Alexander, one of the king's closest friends, embarks on a journey to retrieve the sword. During his Director: Thomas A.

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Sharp Star: Tom Sharp. Votes: 5. A crust punk exterminator enters an abandoned house to clear it of unspeakable termite monstrosities. Anxious to get to work with the big guys damming the river before the flood hits, a little beaver keeps getting in the way of their work. Finally, the foreman sends him off to chop down A series of typical Avery spot gags set around wild animals.

A dainty deer drinks very loudly and rudely from a lake. A pack rat swaps an egg and an acorn, then back again "monotonous, Bruce , Bernice Hansen , Tedd Pierce. Animation, Short. Professor Schmaltz captures a termite to study, and gets more than he bargained for when it wreaks havoc in his laboratory. Approved 6 min Animation, Short, Comedy. TV 44 min Reality-TV. Jeff is frustrated with project delays; a new client is indecisive; Jeff decides to sell Gramercy and go back to flipping; the team introduces a new paint line.

Armstrong narrates a focus on bears, the largest land predators on Earth which, surprisingly, forage for some of the smallest meals available. Stars: Matt Lucas , Matt Lucas. TV 30 min Documentary, History. At this stage several kinds of ape men populated Africa, each with its own unique adaptations. These species were doomed as the African continent grew increasingly arid, but a new human species well adapted to a hot dry climate emerged.

Documentary, History. About the search for the tallest Redwood tree in the world, and the life that lives near or on Redwood trees. Votes: 8. Each year, , Americans visit Costa Rica to explore some of the world's most amazing and environmentally significant wilderness preserves. Last year alone, more than 50 visitors had to Star: Bear Grylls.

  1. Didaktische Reduktion / Transformation am Beispiel der Grundlagen mathematischer Funktionen (German Edition).
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  3. Werke von Ferdinand Freiligrath (German Edition);
  4. I Love Dick.

TV 44 min Drama, Mystery. A girl crashes a Porsche after her boyfriend starts coughing up blood and continues to have unexplained bleeds. Clinic Cases: Cuddy gives House a month off clinic duties if he can spend a week off his pain meds. Votes: 2, TV 24 min Comedy. The staff are surprised to discover that Leon, the shoe shine boy, is actually an orphan living in the courthouse.

Rather than let him be sent to juvenile hall, Harry asks for custody of him. This program examines and the many subtle secrets that scientists have teased out of insects trapped in amber. Star: David Attenborough. In , he received his Ph. From until Wilson was part of the faculty of Harvard.

He began as an ant taxonomist and worked on understanding their evolution, how they developed into new species by escaping environmental disadvantages and moving into new habitats. He developed a theory of the " taxon cycle". Altmann on the social behavior of rhesus macaques, which gave Wilson a first impetus to imagine sociobiology as a global theory of animal social behavior. He collaborated with mathematician William Bossert, and discovered the chemical nature of ant communication, via pheromones. In the s he collaborated with mathematician and ecologist Robert MacArthur.

Together, they tested the theory of species equilibrium on a tiny island in the Florida Keys. He eradicated all insect species and observed the re-population by new species. A book The Theory of Island Biogeography about this experiment became a standard ecology text. In , he published the book The Insect Societies about the biology of social insects like ants, bees, wasps and termites. In , he published the book Sociobiology: The New Synthesis applying his theories of insect behavior to vertebrates, and in the last chapter, humans.

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  • He speculated that evolved and inherited tendencies were responsible for hierarchical social organisation among humans. In he published On Human Nature , which dealt with the role of biology in the evolution of human culture and won a Pulitzer Prize for General Nonfiction. In after collaborating with Charles Lumsden, he published Genes, Mind and Culture , a theory of gene-culture coevolution. In the s, he published The Diversity of Life , an autobiography: Naturalist , and Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge about the unity of the natural and social sciences.

    In , Wilson officially retired from Harvard University , where he continues to hold the positions of Professor Emeritus and Honorary Curator in Entomology. He founded the E. Wilson became a special lecturer at Duke University as part of the agreement. Wilson has published the following books during the 21st century :. Wilson and his wife, Irene, reside in Lexington, Massachusetts. His daughter, Catherine, and her husband, Jonathan, reside in nearby Stow, Massachusetts. Wilson used sociobiology and evolutionary principles to explain the behavior of social insects and then to understand the social behavior of other animals, including humans, thus established sociobiology as a new scientific field.

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    He argued that all animal behavior, including that of humans, is the product of heredity , environmental stimuli, and past experiences, and that free will is an illusion. He has referred to the biological basis of behaviour as the "genetic leash". This theory and research proved to be seminal, controversial, and influential. Wilson has argued that the unit of selection is a gene, the basic element of heredity.

    The target of selection is normally the individual who carries an ensemble of genes of certain kinds. With regard to the use of kin selection in explaining the behavior of eusocial insects , the "new view that I'm proposing is that it was group selection all along, an idea first roughly formulated by Darwin. Sociobiological research was at the time particularly controversial with regard to its application to humans.

    There are, Wilson suggests in the chapter, limits on just how much influence social and environmental factors can have in altering human behavior. Sociobiology was initially met with substantial criticism. Several of Wilson's colleagues at Harvard, [23] such as Richard Lewontin and Stephen Jay Gould , were strongly opposed to his ideas regarding sociobiology.

    Gould, Lewontin, and others from the Sociobiology Study Group from the Boston area wrote "Against 'Sociobiology'" in an open letter criticizing Wilson's "deterministic view of human society and human action". I believe that he was There was also political opposition.

    Sociobiology re-ignited the nature and nurture debate. Wilson was accused of racism , misogyny , and sympathy to eugenics. I was the only scientist in modern times to be physically attacked for an idea. Objections from evangelical Christians included those of Paul E. Rothrock in " Midgley praised the book for the study of animal behavior, clarity, scholarship, and encyclopedic scope, but extensively critiqued Wilson for conceptual confusion, scientism, and anthropomorphism of genetics.

    Wilson wrote in his book On Human Nature , "The evolutionary epic is probably the best myth we will ever have. Wilson has said in reference to ants " Karl Marx was right, socialism works, it is just that he had the wrong species". Humans, however, do possess reproductive independence so they can give birth to offspring without the need of a "queen", and in fact humans enjoy their maximum level of Darwinian fitness only when they look after themselves and their offspring, while finding innovative ways to use the societies they live in for their own benefit.

    In his book Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge , Wilson discussed methods that have been used to unite the sciences, and might be able to unite the sciences with the humanities. Wilson used the term " consilience " to describe the synthesis of knowledge from different specialized fields of human endeavor. He defined human nature as a collection of epigenetic rules, the genetic patterns of mental development. He argued that culture and rituals are products, not parts, of human nature.

    He said art is not part of human nature, but our appreciation of art is. He suggested that concepts such as art appreciation, fear of snakes, or the incest taboo Westermarck effect could be studied by scientific methods of the natural sciences and be part of interdisciplinary research. Wilson coined the phrase scientific humanism as "the only worldview compatible with science's growing knowledge of the real world and the laws of nature". In , he was one of the signers of the Humanist Manifesto.

    On the question of God , Wilson has described his position as provisional deism [41] and explicitly denied the label of " atheist ", preferring " agnostic ". In his book The Creation , Wilson suggests that scientists ought to "offer the hand of friendship" to religious leaders and build an alliance with them, stating that "Science and religion are two of the most potent forces on Earth and they should come together to save the creation.

    Wilson made an appeal to the religious community on the lecture circuit at Midland College, Texas, for example, and that "the appeal received a 'massive reply'", that a covenant had been written and that a "partnership will work to a substantial degree as time goes on". In a New Scientist interview published on 21 January , Wilson said that "Religion 'is dragging us down' and must be eliminated 'for the sake of human progress ' ", and "So I would say that for the sake of human progress, the best thing we could possibly do would be to diminish, to the point of eliminating, religious faiths.

    Wilson has said that, if he could start his life over he would work in microbial ecology , when discussing the reinvigoration of his original fields of study since the s. Now when you cut a forest, an ancient forest in particular, you are not just removing a lot of big trees and a few birds fluttering around in the canopy.


    You are drastically imperiling a vast array of species within a few square miles of you. The number of these species may go to tens of thousands. Many of them are still unknown to science, and science has not yet discovered the key role undoubtedly played in the maintenance of that ecosystem , as in the case of fungi , microorganisms , and many of the insects.

    Understanding the scale of the extinction crisis has led him to advocate for forest protection, [49] including the "Act to Save America's Forests", first introduced in , until , but never passed. Wilson's scientific and conservation honors include:.

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    • From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Birmingham, Alabama , United States. Main article: Sociobiology: The New Synthesis. Harvard Magazine. Wheeler's work strongly influenced the teenage Wilson, who recalls, "When I was 16 and decided I wanted to become a myrmecologist, I memorized his book. The Guardian. Archived from the original on 15 October Retrieved 18 February MSU News. Retrieved Archived from the original on Wilson advocates biodiversity preservation". Duke Chronicle. February 12, Archived from the original on October 2, Wilson biography". The New York Times.

      Harvard Gazette. I have only one functional eye, my left eye, but it's very sharp. And I somehow focused on little things. I noticed butterflies and ants more than other kids did, and took an interest in them automatically. Wilson Biography and Interview".

      American Academy of Achievement. Journal of the History of Biology. Post Retirement. Duke University. December Retrieved 2 January Chapter Wilson's Theory of Everything". The Atlantic Magazine. Retrieved 13 October The Use and Abuse of Biology. Lord of the Ants Documentary. Paul E. London [u. Beast and man: the roots of human nature Rev.

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      June American Philosophical Society. Retrieved November 27, Premi Internacional Catalunya. Generalitat de Catalunya". Wilson Biophilia Center". Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. Animal cognition Animal communication Animal consciousness Animal culture Animal sexual behaviour Animal welfare science Anthrozoology Bee learning and communication Behavioural ecology Behavioural genetics Cognitive ethology Comparative psychology Emotion in animals Evolutionary neuroscience Human ethology Instinct Learning Neuroethology Pain in animals Sociobiology Tool use by animals Zoosemiotics Zoomusicology.

      Wilson Solly Zuckerman. Evolution of eusociality Presociality Social insects Gamergate Group selection Haplodiploidy Identity in social insects Kin recognition Kin selection Sexual selection in social insects Thelytoky Worker policing. Bee mythology. Evolutionary psychology. Psychological development Morality Religion Depression Educational psychology Evolutionary aesthetics Music Darwinian literary studies Evolution of emotion.

      Wilson George C. Jerome H. Johnson Gad Saad. Joseph Carroll Denis Dutton.

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      Simon Baron-Cohen Justin L. Barrett Jay Belsky David F. Kenrick Simon M. Kirby Robert Kurzban Michael T. Schmitt Todd K. Shackelford Roger Shepard Peter K. Evolutionary psychologists Evolutionary psychology research groups and centers Bibliography of evolution and human behavior. Evolutionary psychology Psychology portal Evolutionary biology portal. Fellows of the Royal Society elected in Brown Malcolm H.

      Ley Lew Mander Michael E. McIntyre Derek W. Wilson Bengt I. Samuelsson Lyman Spitzer. United States National Medal of Science laureates. Behavioral and social science. Simon Anne Anastasi George J. Stigler Milton Friedman. Kates George A. Miller Eleanor J. Gibson Robert K. Merton Roger N. Shepard Paul Samuelson William K. Bower Michael I. Posner Mortimer Mishkin. Nirenberg Francis P. Rous George G. Simpson Donald D.

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