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I also believe we will see the LBMA in the same boat though they do not publish inventory numbers. All that is needed is to look at the inventory drain coupled with the explosion in demand caused by fraudulent prices to see that this will come to a head shortly. August COMEX deliveries of gold should be at least 30 tons which would take care of all existing registered for delivery inventory…and then what? What happens after August? Bernanke speaks — gold plunges. Did you really expect anything else? Yeh and I might lose 15 pounds by then too.

That turned out to be the case in spades yesterday. How can they allow interest rates to rise with housing looking very weak? While sticking closely to a time line to wind down the bond buying that he first outlined last month, Bernanke went out of his way to stress that nothing was set in stone. Nothing has changed. Continue reading article at Reuters.

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This is another short story that was posted on the Zero Hedge website yesterday…and the charts alone are worth the trip. It is beyond sickening. The last time Bernanke spoke a week ago at a dinner, gold went bonkers. This is beyond disgusting. The Gold Cartel knows that as well as we do, which is why they attacked this morning.

Bill Holter presents two excellent articles today. Below are the articles and please do read them. I sent Bill a note telling him how much I liked it. They will have no one to blame but themselves when you know what hits the fan and they are left mostly in paper instead of tangibles. Three weeks ago I had cataract surgery on my right eye.

I opted for the special replacement lens that has the same prescription as my reading glasses. I go in for surgery on the left eye on Thursday morning so I will not be publishing a newsletter for Friday, though I probably could since the surgery is very gentle. For those of you considering cataract surgery and most people over 60 probably could use it, it is less unpleasant than a trip to the dentist to have your teeth cleaned.

You are awake the whole time, you feel nothing, no pain, no discomfort, nothing. It takes 10 to 15 minutes max and there is no after-surgery discomfort. My vision was virtually perfect almost immediately after the surgery. I had to wear a protective clear plastic shield over the eye for one night after the surgery, but that was it. This is truly a medical miracle. Even with just one eye corrected, I can throw away my glasses. I can read small print, can see clearly both near and far and I was shocked by the change in the way I can see colors.

White had a light golden or beige tint and most colors were flat and subdued. I can easily make the comparison because the left eye has not yet been corrected so I can look at a painting, or computer monitor, or TV, or the walls, and watch the colors change — by closing one eye at a time. In my case, I felt it was well worth it to be able to throw away my glasses. I have lived with reading glasses and later prescription glasses since the late s. What a great experience! Wall Street boom, Main Street bust. I have had several comments regarding my referencing to the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, Mr.

Benjamin S. The guy is a LIAR plain and simple. Not only a liar, he has perjured himself in front of the Congress more than several times and done so in blatant fashion. The sad thing is that there is virtually no one in Congress now that Ron Paul has retired even knowledgeable enough to call him on his testimonies. He has perjured himself so many times so here are examples of just 3. Three of THE most basic monetary and economic concepts known or hopefully unknown from the standpoint of bankers to man.

Is everyone stupid? Why does anyone who has any sanity whatsoever listen to what he says? If you know someone is lying to the real world as opposed to the Alice in Wall Street world do you continue to listen? To believe? Well, it seems like the rest of the world has already figured this out which is why their imports of gold, real and true money, have exploded. This completely dwarfs the size of all markets combined.

We heard a few chirps back in when Lehman Bros. Here is the thing; maybe these were originally created by some Dr. What happened afterwards? It scared the crap out of those who run the show because they then realized in real time how big the monster was that they had created. Now, the derivatives market itself is more likely to tank the entire system than any other event or entity in my opinion.

The only way to have kept it in its cage all this time was by false reporting. Call me paranoid, call me a conspiracy nut, call me crazy…someone, somewhere lost trillions of dollars over the last 45 days based on interest rates alone yet we hear nothing. I guess everyone…everywhere are as good as JP Morgan and Goldman traders and never ever have a losing day?

The winner is the one who holds real assets, unencumbered and without custodians between them and their assets. WOW, what a novel idea! People must have political and geographical diversity — and almost no Americans or Canadians have it. Gold is not something you speculate in, it is something you set aside; you save in gold.

If you have extra income, you have to do something with your money and stocks, bonds and real estate no longer offer good value. The fact that gold has come down in price is a good thing. You can buy it at a discount. The bull market is not over and gold will go back up. The central banks are all crazy and on a path to destroying their currencies. But there is also the chance for deflation — the housing market bubble is reflating again.

The stock market is overpriced. If it loses half its value, trillions will be lost. We are caught between hyperinflation and deflation. Our friends over at ASI ran an interesting article on gold. Here are some of their comments below:. In fact, I am hard pressed to think of any asset in history with such significant long-term upside. People forget that periodic pullbacks like the one we are living through right now are part of the process and absolutely necessary before gold resumes its upward trajectory.

Over time, the trend is almost surreal, with deliveries through Shanghai accounting for tons of 1, tons produced year to date. Imagine what happens to prices when people figure that out! The fundamentals justifying ownership remain intact, especially when it comes to preserving value. What I mean by that is how it relates to other investments and financial instruments you own over time. Gold has more than 1, years of monetary history and, as such, is perhaps the only substance capable of providing the diversification and preservation of wealth irrespective of what actually happens to its price.

Hat tip to Ed Steer; but I think this is the most important news item in the PMs space in weeks, so I wanted to flag it. And of course, this practice would tend to boost the apparent warehouse stocks as well. If there were any questions about whether the Chinese would be content to sit back after purchasing the LME and let the game be played as it was before, with the Western banking cabal continuing to distort and exploit virtually every corner of the precious metals market, this should answer it.

I have rarely seen anything like this — the top two trading banks, JPM and GS, fleeing with their tails between their legs, as an exit from a sector after a mere three years represents. Are Banks and Housing about to get crushed by Rising Rates? Japanese central bank doubles money supply in fresh bid to spur inflation. Mark Carney and the Bank of England: Get ready for more money printing. Treasury bonds, and the myriad global fixed income instruments tied to them. It seems as if almost half of the voting Fed members are not in the same camp and in fact are close to if not actually degrees opposed.

THIS to my knowledge has never ever happened before. Not conducive to say the least when it comes to confidence. Will other Fed members change sides and sway power from the Bernocchio side? Will the markets take notice? These are all legitimate questions; the answers will be interesting to watch as to direction and timing. I would remind you that it can be broken quickly and by something seemingly innocuous or even meaningless. We live in a hyper fast computerized world, one that carries more financial leverage and less unencumbered collateral than ever before…do you really believe the end game will give anyone not already prepared the time to do so?

A subscriber to our newsletter asked me a question that is worth an answer for all our readers below:. Gold, the advocates say, is the rock of stability even when stocks turn volatile.

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While gold sometimes can be relatively calm vs. Investors are learning that gold can add, not subtract, market volatility this year. Just as the stock market started to exhibit some weakness, following comments from Federal Reserve Board Chairman Ben Bernanke, gold got even uglier. Historical studies have shown gold as an asset with high relative volatility and low long-term gains, making it a poor choice for investors looking for a diversified portfolio. Some experienced traders might be able to capitalize on gold in very short moves, but only if they know how to get out at the right time.

Very few gold traders have shown the ability to time the market, profitably over the long term. Shawl or a long, loose cloak worn over other garments by Muslim women. Mentioned in DB p. Chapar-chi, Chaparchi. Chi or Chih, Chiha. Ch i or Ch ih, pl. See Ar. Chopan, Copan a shepherd. Muslims argue that Paracletos is a corrupt reading for Periclytos. Ctesiphon, Taysafun, Qataysfun. Recently restored and stored in an air conditioned building at the front of 7 Har-Parsim St, Haifa.

Also missionary. As in permanent marriage. Dabb, Dabab, Adubb, Dubban. Dabit, Dubbat, Dawabit. Dahr, Duhur, Adhur. Dajjal, Dajjalun, Dajajila. The Antichrist, who it was believed would appear at the advent of the Promised One, to contend with and be ultimately defeated by Him. Dalil, Adilla, Dala'l, Adilla'. The Jewish colony of Dalia was established on land purchased in the village in It was depopulated of its Arab inhabitants in late March during the Palestine War.

Dall, Dawall, Dallin. Dani', Adniya', Adna'. Gate of the heart , p. Dar al-Athar, Daru'l-Athar. Dar al-Funun, Daru'l-funun. Dar, Dur, Diyar, Diyarat, Diyara. Darb, Durab, Adrab. Also a village gateway to Mt. Tochal that is now part of the north side of Teheran. Daru'l-Tabigh or Daru'l-Tarwij. Darugha Darughih , Darughachi. A territorial subdivision later a province in the Mongol Empire. A darugha was ruled by darughachi, who were in charge of administration and taxes—sometimes referred to as governors.

Darwish Darvish , Darawish. May be written as Darwesh or Darvesh in Persian. Daryun Dariun , Daryan Darian. See Dawla. Dawr al-Nabawi, Dur-i-Nabuwwat.

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Dawud Davud , Da'ud Daoud. Hebrew Daoud. Other variants: Daut, Dawood and Davut. Dayf Daif , Duyuf, Adyaf, Difan. Dayr Dair , Adyar, Adyira, Duyura. Browne, Balyuzi. Dhahaba, Dhahab, Madhhab Mazhab. Dhaqa, Dhawq Dhauq , Madhaq. Dharkara, Dhikr, Tadhkar. Dh arra Dh arr. Dh awq, pl. Dhi'b, Dhi'ab, Dhu'ban. Dh ikr, pl. So named because it had projections and jags, like the spinal cord, on its back.

In traditional scholarship, the character is usually identified as Alexander the Great. Dhurriya, Dhurriyat, Dharariy. See root Dh arra. Dihqan, Dahaqina, Dahqin, Duhqan. Dimashq Damashq , Dimishq. Dima sh q, Dimi sh q. Dimashqi Damashqi , Dimishqi. Suffix in proper names, i.

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Dirbas, Darabis Pers. Hoar and Dr J. Diwan Divan , Dawawin. Given incorrectly as Dajli in Star of the West. Diyar-Bakr Diar-Bakr. Droshky Doroshky, Durushkih. Dro sh ky, Pers. Duru sh kih.

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Prayer supplication for certain occasions and requirements. Ad kh ina. He erected a large illuminated cross on the roof of his house. Ottoman Turkish origin. Modern metric unit is 1, m 2 of land about 0. Durar al-Baha'iyya, Durar'u'l-Baha'iyya. Durra t , Durrun, Durar. Greek goddess of peace Roman counterpart is Pax. The Eirenion Hall was built in on the Green Acre property and was used as a lecture hall during the summer lecture series at Green Acre.

Known as Theodosiopolis in Roman times. Neighbouring city of Artsn Arzan was destroyed —49 and citizens moved to Theodosiopolis and called it Artsn Rum Arzan of the Romans. See riban. Fa'il, Fa'ilun, Fa'ala.

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  4. Fadil Fazil , Fawadil, Fadilun, Fudala. Fadl Fazl , Fudul, Afdal. Fahd, Fuhud, Afhud. Fahima, Fahm, Faham. Fana'yan Fana'ian, Fanaian, Fanaiyan. Fann, Funun, Afnan, Afanin. Faqa, Fawq, Fawaq. Far', Furu', Afru'. Renowned Arab philosopher and jurist. Farada, Faruda, Furud. Farahmand, Farhmand, Farhamand. Faraqa, Farq, Furqan. Farasha, Farashah, Farashun. A reply sometimes given to creditors since it never arrives. One who issues orders. Farman, Firman, Faraman. Royal decree, command, order or edict.

    Persia, Parthia. Farsa kh , pl. A parsang, league, about 5. Derived from the Persian parsang stone, sang, placed by the road. Far sh , pl. Faryab, Faryaw, Firyab. Fasih, Fusaha', Fisah, Fusuh. Fasiq, Fasiqun, Fussaq, Fasaqa. Fataha, Fath, Futuh, Futuhat. Fath, Futuh, Futuhat. Fatima, Fatimih or Fatimah. Fatimid adj. Fayd Faid, Faiz , Fayz, Fuyud. Faylasuf Failasuf , Falasifa. Fayruz Fairuz , Fayruzaj Fairuzaj. Fi Khalali and Fi Khilali.

    Fidda, Fiddih Fizza. Fidya, Fidayat, Fidan. Fil, Fiyala, Fuyul, Afyal. Islamic jurisprudence. Firaydan Faridan, Feredan. Firaydun Fraydun, Faridun, Afridun. Ferdowsi is celebrated as the most influential figure in Persian literature and one of the greatest in the history of literature.

    Firishta, Firishtih, Firishtagan. Firi sh ta, Fem. Firi sh tih, pl. Firuzabad Fayruzabad. Promised after death tortures leading to a fear of being squeezed in the grave. Occurs when a Manifestation appears. There are several meanings: original Reality, creating, and gap. Fizan Fezan , Fizzan Fezzan. It is largely desert, but broken by mountains, uplands, and dry river valleys wadis in the north, where oases enable ancient towns and villages to survive deep in the otherwise inhospitable Sahara Desert.

    Bunduq, Turk. Furuhar, Farawahar Faravahar. It symbolizes Zoroastrianism and Iranian nationalism. Wrap-around male skirt worn by men in Yemen. Can result from a mispronounciation of qand. It was named Elisabethpol in the Russian Empire period. The city regained its original name in However, its name was changed again in to Kirovabad. In the city regained its original name. See jawhar. Gawhardasht Gawhar Dasht. Ghadir, Ghudur, Ghudran. Ghafara, Gafr, Maghfira, Ghufran. Ghamam, Ghamamun, Ghama'im. Self-sufficient able to do without, detached.

    Ghar, Aghwar, Ghiran. Gharasa Gharasih , Ghars, Ghiras. Gh arasa Gh arasih , Gh ars, pl. Gh ars and Gh arasih Pers. See DB p. Numerical value of Gh aw th. Gh aw th iyyih. Gh ayb, pl. State of being hidden from view. Major Occultation. See appended Occultation note. Minor Occultation. Ghaym Ghaim , Ghuyum, Ghiyam. Gh aym, pl. Ghazal, Ghizla, Ghizlan. Gh azwa h , pl. Ghirsh, Ghursh, Ghurush. Ghulam, Ghilman, Ghilma. Gh usl, pl. Ghusn, Ghusun, Aghsan. He is the Interpreter of the Word of God …. Book structure: Introduction followed by eight chapters, each consisting of a number of stories and poetry: 1.

    The Manners of Kings; 2. On the Morals of Dervishes; 3. On the Excellence of Contentment; 4. On the Advantages of Silence; 5. On Love and Youth; 6. On Weakness and Old Age; 7. On the Effects of Education; 8. On Rules for Conduct in Life. The Dawn-Breakers p. Gurgin Gurgan, Gorgan , Jurjan. Habr, Hibr, Ahbar. Hada, Hadihi, Hadi. Hadid, Hidad, Ahidda. Hadin, Hadinun, Huha. Hadir, Huddar, Hudur, Hadara. Hadra Hadrat , Hazrat. Placed before the name of the Manifestation or other figures with a high spiritual station. Hadramawt Hadramaut , Hadhramaut. The essence of God unmanifested. Size about 6.

    Hajar, Hijarat, Ahjar, Hijar. Hajara, Hajr, Hijran. Also name of city in Indian state of Bihar. It is to the north of Patna. Hajj Haji , Hajjaj, Hajij. Hajj, Hijja, Hijaj. Variation hijr. Halqa, Halaqa, Halaq, Halaqat. Hamam, Hamamat, Hama'im. Hamid, amida Hamidih, Hamideh.

    The village was depopulated in July Arabic glottal stop consonant that is pronounced as an a. Since a hamza is not actually a letter, it is sometimes counted as an a, and sometimes it is disregarded. Haqq Haq , Huquq. Haqqa Haqqah or Haqqat. The Sure Reality or the Reality.

    The Rules of Heaven (The Grace de Savira Mysteries)

    Haqqu'llah, Huququ'llah. Most Holy Sanctuary or Precincts. It is majority owned by the Egyptian government. Harf, Hiraf, Huruf, Ahruf. Harith Haritha h , Hurrath. Harran, Harra, Hirar, Harara. They could not withstand them: they were seduced by women, and committed every kind of iniquity; for which they were suspended by the feet in a well in Babylon, where they are to remain in great torment till the day of judgement.

    The Mystery of Mary by Grace Livingston HILL read by Lee Ann Howlett - Full Audio Book

    They are said to be teachers of magic to man. Hashshash, Hashshashun Hashshashin. Ha sh t Bihi sh t. Hatim at-Ta'i, Hatim-i-Ta'i. Carried by a camel, mule, horse or elephant for travelling purposes. Hawl Haul , Ahwal, Hu'ul. The Druze of the area. A veil that covers the head and chest. It is bordered on the west by the Red Sea, on the north by Jordan, on the east by Najd, and on the south by Asir. Muslim lunar calendar. Muslim era, after the Hegira, until the end of the time of the Imams in ad ah , i. Hila, Hiyal, Ahayil.

    Hilal, Ahilla, Ahalil. The unprotected area outside the Sanctuary and the unprotected months. Hillah, Hilla, Hillih. Hilm, Hulum, Ahlam. Himar, Hamir, Humur, Ahmira. Homs, city in Syria km north of Damascus. Previously known as Emesa or Emisa Greek. Hin, Ahyan, Ahayin. Hin is an ancient Hebrew liquid measurement mentioned in the Bible of 3. Hindiya Hindiyyih. Hisan, Husan, Ahsina. Hizam, Hizamat, Ahzima, Huzum. His idol was a human figure, believed to control acts of divination, which was in the form of tossing arrows before the statue.

    The direction in which the arrows pointed answered questions asked of the idol. He is a descendent of Noah. The ruins of the old mosque marking the site is at Title given to an aspiring mujtahid. Hujra, Hujarat, Hujar. Hujrat Hujrih , Hujra, Hujarat. In the sense of incarnation: the descent of God or the spirit of God into a person.

    Hurayra Huraira , Hurayrih. A village about 24 km nw of central Damascus, Syria. Huriya, Huriyat, Hur. Hormodok, small village 55 km SW of Yazd. Hurmuz Hormuz , Hurmuzd Hormuzd. Introduction to Shi'i Islam , Moojan Momen, p. See www. Hurr, Ahrar, Hara'ir. Letters of the Living. Husam-i-Din, Hisam-i-Din. Husamu's-Sultani, Hisamu's-Saltanih. Zoroastrian origin. However, the Jews were forbidden to utter the name of God, and as ancient Hebrew script did not use vowels, it is not known how yhwh would have been pronounced, if it was permitted.

    Huzn, Hazan, Ahzan. Ibn, Abna', Banun, Bani, Banu. Ibna, Bint, Banat. Garden of Innermost Paradise Gate of the Heart A title. Ijaza Ijazih , Ijazat. Ijl, 'Ujul, 'Ijala. Ilah, Ilaha, Aliha, Ilahat. Illa, 'Illat, 'Ilal. Ilm Ilahiyat, 'Ilm Ilahiyun. Converse is the Arc of ascent circle of existence ends in spiritual realities. Also veiled or disguised. Tests occur when a Manifestation appears. See also Fitna. Inab, Inabun, A'nab. Evangel gospel. It is believed to be the true lost original Gospel promulgated by Jesus.

    Irada Iradih , Iradat. The two regions were separated by the Zagros Mountains. Isam, A'sima, 'Usum. Also safeguard. Male given name and surname. Transcription as per Shoghi Effendi. Haifa, Esfandabd or Isfand-Abad. Legendary Iranian hero. Also said to be honorific form of Persian pronoun for the third person singular. See Arches of the Years , p. Ishraqi, Ishraqiyan Ishraqiyun. Ishraqiya, Ishraqiyyih. Ideas arose out of perpatetic philosophy. No accents for the English Islamic!

    Incorrectly given as Muhammadic or Muhammedic. Ism al-A'zam, Ism-i-A'zam.


    Ism, Asma, Asamin. Conferred infallibility bestowed rather than innate. Immunity from error and infallibility of judgement—not freedom from sin, sinlessness or immaculateness. Ishmael in Hebrew , the son of Abraham and the Egyptian Hagar, who was considered to be the forerunner of the desert Arabs. The Last name of God. Istidlaliyya, Istidlaliyyih. Ithna 'Ashara, Ithnata 'Ashrata. Itr, 'Utur, 'Uturat. Symbolically, the identification of man with God. Ittihadi, Ittihadiyyih. City in western extremity of Anatolia, Turkey. Formerly ancient city of Smyrna. Jabal al-Basit, Jabal-i-Basit.

    Jabal al-Shadid, Jabal-i-Shadid. Jabal, Jibal, Ajbal. Jabbar, Jabbarun, Jababir, Jababira. Jadhba Jazba , Jadhbat Jazbat. Ja dh ba, pl. Jadhibiya, Jadhbiyyih. Jadid, Judud, Judad. Jaffa, Jafaf, Jufuf. Jahil, Jahala, Juhhal, Juhala. Loudly and publicly, as in prayers, etc. Jalil, Ajilla', Ajilla, Jala'il. Aelius or Claudius Galenus AD —c. Jallabiya, Jallabiyat, Jalalib, Jalabiya. Egyptian a loose, shirtlike garment, the common dress of the male population in Egypt. Yama became Jam. See nafs. Insult referring to uncultured people raised in jungles. Seven Valleys p. See jawhar and sirr.

    Jaw'an Jau'an , Jaw'a' Jau'a , Jiya'. Jawab Javab , Ajwiba, Jawabat. Jawad, Ajwad, Ajawid, Jud. Jawhar Jauhar , Jawahir, Jawwal. From Persian Gawhar. Jawhara Jauhara , Jawharat. See u kh t. See jayb. Jay sh , pl. Juyu sh. Jazira Jazirih , Jaza'ir, Juzur. Jidal, Mujadala, Mujadalat. Judda h —Jidda, seaport western Saudi Arabia. Jiha, Jihat, Juhat. Meaning was later obscured and lost.

    Jillabiya Jilabiya, Jellabiya, Gallabiya. Jinaza, Janaza, Jinazat, Janazat, Jana'iz. George, particularly St. Jism, Ajsam, Jusum. Compare jasad. Jizya Pers. Jizyah , Jizan, Jiza'. Jum'a, Jum'ih, Juma', Juma'at. Fifth Islamic calendar month the first of parched land. Jumada ath-Thani, Jumada al-Akhir.