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Melanie McDaniel melaniemcdaniel. Wall Profile Groups 2 Blog 0 Images 0. Melanie McDaniel. Bio Coming from a challenging childhood, Melanie McDaniel seeks to help others. But chances are you have blind spots that keep you from optimum wellness. Maybe you still succumb to your after-dinner sugar fix , power through the same monotonous workout day after day, or allow the latest extreme diet trend to seduce you—whatever your weak link, you may be unwittingly shortchanging your health.

Over time, too-narrow food choices can lead to deficiencies, she warns. An organic blue corn chip is still a corn chip. In general, labeling foods as good or bad creates a detrimental dichotomy. Indeed, in a recent study, people thought cookies labeled organic were lower in calories than identical cookies without the label. Track your caloric intake in a food diary for two weeks. To calculate your target caloric intake, multiply your weight by 15; you can brush up on caloric values for common foods at nutrition.

Solution: Dissect your diet. Take an unflinching look at what you eat to figure out what you might be missing.

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Try to get most nutrients from whole, unprocessed foods first, says Lucille. Use supplements to fill gaps with nutrients that are tough to get enough of through diet alone. For more help, check out eatright. Try to choose one that specializes in holistic nutrition. Then supplement wisely. Most people can benefit from a good multivitamin , to cover any dietary gaps and compensate for stress, which can deplete nutrients such as B vitamins.

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Beyond that—unless you have specific ailments—about three supplements daily should do the trick: omega-3 fish oil, a probiotic for gut health an estimated 70 percent of your immune system is in your gastrointestinal tract , and, depending on your levels, extra vitamin D many Americans are deficient in this bone-strengthening, immunity-boosting vitamin; ask your doctor for a blood test. You stay up late answering emails, only to set your alarm for 5 a.

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Sound familiar? According to recent Harvard Medical School sleep studies, chronic lack of good sleep increases levels of cortisol and ghrelin , hormones that make you crave fat and sugar. All this, in turn, raises your risk of insulin resistance, inflammation, heart disease , diabetes, and depression. Instead of waking before dawn, work out at lunch instead.

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Join the fight against diabetes. Ends July Freedom to move. Help others pursue their right to movement. CEC Club.

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Fast Food Increases Healthier Options In , the Food and Drug Administration required mandatory menu calorie counts for all chain restaurants with 20 or more locations. Natural Foods With Beneficial Ingredients are Most Desirable The Nielsen study indicates that consumers are looking for functional foods that can either reduce the risk for disease or promote good health.

Urban Influences Traditionally, large cities tend to influence a health-conscious trend. Global Food Changes Forty-three percent of global respondents to the Nielsen study believe all-natural and non-GMO foods are important. Change Takes Time As health and fitness professionals, we understand that change takes time.

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Elizabeth Kovar, MA, has studied yoga in five different countries.