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Everything Old Is New Again

What will it take to transition to renewable energy, and what can we learn from both indigenous peoples and new technology?

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Indigenous climate activist Wahleah Johns shares her journey to establishing the Navajo Green Economy Act, bringing solar power to families on the reservation, and creating vital green jobs for the community. Majandra recounts her memories of the Bagua Massacre, a bloody protest of the US-Peru Free Trade Agreement which gave permission to explore oil, gas and logging in the Amazon on indigenous land.

She shares her story of survival during the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, and how it inspired her to reinvent wave power.

She is also co-author of the Navajo Green Economy Act. Wahleah established the Black Mesa Water Coalition with other indigenous youth to translate climate terminology into Navajo traditional concepts.

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This effort convinced tribal elders to disallow use of its essential water aquifers to transport coal from the local mine. Oakland, California.

Majandra was deeply affected by the national crisis resisting oil exploration in the Peruvian Amazon. She was only 19 years old but it propelled her onto a path of support for women's and indigenous rights.

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In June , Majandra joined young climate activists at This event inspired similar meetings all over the world. Those held in Peru were named TierrActiva, and sought to connect urban leaders and activists to indigenous communities to help facilitate mitigation strategies.

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It will be translated to English, hopefully in the next few months. If folks are interested in specifically supporting young women and young feminist activists who are fighting for climate and environmental justice, as well as for gender justice, FRIDA - The Young Feminist Fund is one of those.


Follow Majandra:. Lima, Peru.

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The upcycling project is giving many women from the Klong Toey slum a second chance through fair and sustainable employment. RENEW We believe that every human being has value, regardless of colour, religion or economic status.

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