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This book, translated into English numerous times, is an American classic, a spiritual odyssey detailing the explorer's experiences among Texas Indians. Nonfiction accounts also characterized the literature of the revolutionary era. Mary Austin Holley , cousin of Stephen F. Austin and visitor to his colony, produced Texas , the first book in English that dealt entirely with Texas.

It initially consisted of twelve letters to people back East, and was much expanded in into History of Texas. After David Crockett 's death at the Alamo , a book entitled Col. Crockett's Exploits and Adventures in Texas capitalized on the frontiersman's fame in the lively, colorful style of southwestern humor. The Mexican side of the Texas Revolution had its chroniclers as well. For events immediately preceding the Revolution, the best Mexican account is Juan N.

Almonte 's Noticia Estadistica Sobre Tejas John H. In the years immediately following annexation , several works merit attention in so far as they reflect the pluralistic vigor of early Texas history. Viktor F. Bracht 's Texas Im jahre , nach mehrjahrigen Beobachtungen dargestellt told of German immigrants and agrarian life in early Texas. John Crittenden Duval , whom J. Frank Dobie called the "Father of Texas Literature," wrote a lively account of his escape from the Goliad Massacre in Early Times in Texas serial form, —71; book, His Adventures of Big-Foot Wallace contains tall tales, legends, true adventure, satire, and straight history.

The chapters on the Mier expedition are among the best published accounts of that episode, rivaled only by William Preston Stapp 's The Prisoners of Perote Another failed expeditionary venture of the Texas republic was recorded by George W. Although most travelers in early Texas wrote favorably of the inhabitants, one memorable exception was famed urban landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted , whose A Journey Through Texas painted a grim picture of slavery-ridden East Texas, indicting the people as crude, the food as bad, and the level of civilization as negligible.

Not until he reached New Braunfels, recently colonized by Germans, did Olmsted find anything fit to eat or any civilization worthy of the name. Narratives of the Texas Rangers constitute a subgenre of Texas writing. Of the many former Confederate soldiers who moved to Texas after the Civil War , one was young Sidney Lanier , a Southern poet of considerable reputation in his day. He recorded his impressions, including a charming essay on "San Antonio de Bexar," in Retrospects and Prospects Also in the wake of the war came federal troops.

With Gen. George A. Custer was his young wife, Elizabeth B. Custer , who felt at first that Texas seemed the "stepping off place" but eventually came to enjoy her stay and wrote a lively account in Tenting on the Plains The cowboy, a subject that dominated Texas literature thereafter, entered the scene in the s. Alex E. Sweet and J.

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Siringo's books became required reading for those interested in the cattle industry. Fiction about Texas, which began very early in the nineteenth century, is of interest today only to the occasional scholar willing to slog through an undistinguished morass of romantic historical novels. Its author is identified only as "F-n. Its ideological thrust is characteristic of the strong anti-Catholic bias of early Texas fiction: a Protestant hero marries a Spanish Catholic girl, after which both must flee from ecclesiastical authorities.

Mexico versus Texas , the first novel to incorporate seminal historical events such as the Goliad Massacre and the battle of San Jacinto , was published anonymously in ; it was reissued in under the title Ambrosio de Letinez and credited to A. Myrthe, although its title page lists Anthony Ganilh. The novel's argument is characteristic of the period: the dedication poses the rhetorical question "whether anything could have taken place more conducive to the regeneration and improvement of Mexico than the success of the Texans.

The Travels and Adventures of Monsieur Violet by Frederick Marryat, a retired British naval officer and prolific author, consists of pure adventure ranging over much of the American West, including Texas of revolution times. Carl Anton Postl , an Austrian ex-monk who wrote prolifically under the pseudonym Charles Sealsfield, used early Texas as the setting for The Cabin Book , in which the hero becomes a general in the Texas army.

And Alfred W. A Tale of the Texas Republic , contributed the bandit motif in his novel, which is set among plantation slaveholders in East Texas in — Emerson Bennett's Viola also takes place during the republic era. Gray , a soldier-bandit of early Texas. Not surprisingly, the legend of the Alamo proved a popular subject for early novelists. Amelia E. Barr 's Remember the Alamo sums up the anti-Catholic feeling of much fiction from the republic and post-republic era: "the priesthood foresaw that the triumph of the American element meant the triumph of freedom of conscience, and the abolition of their own despotism.

Hostility against Mexicans is also a strong ingredient of novels about the republic. Scores of dime novels exploited the subjects of bandits, rangers, and cowboys, but these belong to the vast underthicket of popular culture. Frank Dobie praised its authenticity. Anglo Texas had its roots in Southern, not Western, culture. The first settlers were slaveholding planters or would-be slaveowners. Even more interesting is her The Wire-Cutters , which moves from a Southern plantation context in Kentucky to a West Texas ranch and the conflict between open-range cattlemen and small farmers, a theme that was reprised in hundreds of Western novels to come.

Early Texas poetry was abundant but undistinguished. That from the republic era usually reflected two themes representative of the attitudes of Southerners in general: a martial spirit coupled with religious sentiment. Poems dealing with contemporaneous history were commonplace. Milam , James W. Fannin , and Sam Houston were plentiful. Later in the era, poets turned to more pacific subjects, writing of labor in poems celebrating the "plough" and cattle drives, or of Texas landscapes and natural phenomena, or of cities, or even, as early as , the blue norther.

An excellent brief anthology of such poetry is Early Texas Verse — , edited by Philip Graham in Much of the verse in Graham's collection is anonymous. Among the poets whose authors are named, a few deserve mention. Mirabeau B. Lamar , soldier and statesman, is remembered chiefly for two lyrics, "Carmelita" and "The Daughter of Mendoza.

The poetic reputations of two of his associates in affairs of state rest on one poem of each: "Hymn to the Alamo" by Reuben M. Much better known in the nineteenth century was Mollie E. Davis, who, in addition to her fiction, gained renown with Civil War poems published in newspapers. After the Civil War, with the development of the cattle industry, ballads of the range became popular. Usually sung or recited, these ballads were orally transmitted, and the names of their author-composers were often lost. The same process occurred in Spanish verse along the Mexican border in South Texas, where corridos were composed, sung, and passed down from one generation to the next.

Collecting cowboy ballads and corridos became a major occupation of scholars and folklorists in the twentieth century. Even the skillful and popular recitative piece "Lasca" , at one time the best known of all Texas poems, was passed around and handed down orally. By the time it got into print, lines had been lost and the author identified only as Frank Desprez.

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Not until the s was anything known about this Englishman, who was for three years "occupied on a Texas ranch" before he returned to England and became a professional writer. Chittenden's volume Ranch Verses has seen many editions. John P. Sjolander , a young Swede, immigrated to the Texas Gulf Coast in , settled on Bayou Cedar, built boats, farmed, and wrote poems for periodicals. In his poems were gathered into a volume titled Salt of the Earth and Sea. Before his death in he was called the "Dean of Texas Poets.

The story of theater in Texas is not generally well known. There were in fact, however, plays that deserve mention. Again, not surprisingly, the siege and battle of the Alamo was a popular subject. Hiram H. The only play dealing with Texas themes that achieved popular success was A. Hoyt's A Texas Steer , which traced in a farcical manner the colorful doings of a Texas rancher-congressman named Maverick Brander from Red Dog, Texas, "where men are men and the plumbing is improving.

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At the turn of the twentieth century historical subjects were much in demand in American fiction, and once again Texas fiction mirrored the national trend. The republic era proved to be by far the most popular historical subject during the early years of the new century. Indeed the Alamo proved so popular that Stephen Crane, after a visit to San Antonio in , wrote, "Statistics show that 69, writers have begun at the Alamo.

Lyle, Jr. But the most notable work dealt with the more recent past, the era of the cattle drive, captured vividly in Andy Adams 's The Log of a Cowboy Written expressly to counter the romanticism of Owen Wister's immensely popular The Virginian , published the previous year, Adams's book, constructed as a novel but without a romantic plot, depicted the cowboy as a worker instead of a dandy.

It was instantly regarded as a classic of cattle culture. In a more popular vein, some of the local-color stories of William Sydney Porter [O. Henry] were set in Texas. His collection, Heart of the West , is typical. Literary interest in the past took other forms than the somewhat bloated, over-written historical novels listed above but long forgotten. One of the strongest expressions of this interest occurred in the emerging field of folklore.

The Texas Folklore Society , launched in , proved instrumental in locating, collecting, and publishing material of intrinsic interest as well as providing source material for future writers. Frank Dobie, the foremost figure in the society, mined the past for stories of gold-seekers, legendary hunters, cattlemen, cowboys, and every species of wild critter from mustangs to rattlesnakes. His first book, A Vaquero of the Brush Country , appeared in , and his second, Coronado's Children , an account of lost mines and legends of fortune-seekers, followed in and became a Literary Guild selection.

Other members of the society made substantial contributions also. John A. Lomax collected songs and ballads from the cattle range; his Cowboy Songs, and Other Frontier Ballads is a major early collection. Emily Dorothy Scarborough , a folklorist with a Ph. That same year she incorporated folkloric elements into her best known novel, The Wind , published anonymously, and famous for its depiction of harsh frontier conditions in late-nineteenth-century West Texas.

Saunders and J. Marvin Hunter , brought together numerous oral accounts of old-time cattlemen and cowboys that has proved a treasure trove for future novelists such as Larry McMurtry. Among later folklorists, Mody C. Boatright , secretary and editor of the Texas Folklore Society from to , published several works featuring another major Texas industry, oil, in such books as Gib Morgan, Minstrel of the Oil Fields , Folklore of the Oil Industry , and with William A. Ben K. Green earned a reputation as an folk expert on horses and cows.

In J. Frank Dobie's influential bibliography, A Guide to Life and Literature of the Southwest , mentioned only a handful of fiction titles dealing with Texas. Dobie ignored a good deal of extant fiction, and since then the number of novels written about Texas has increased exponentially to the point where a substantial book-length bibliography would be required to list them all.

The following is an attempt to chart the broad outlines of Texas fiction in the twentieth century. From the s through the late s, much of the best of Texas writing came from the Southern side of the ledger. This is contrary to received myth, but the facts speak for themselves. There were at least as many writers following in the Southern tradition as in the Western, a point most saliently developed by scholar James W.

The Southern-based novels explored the fabric of life on the farms and plantations of East Texas, sometimes looking nostalgically backwards at the past, but more often looking critically at the present. Sue Susanna S. Consisting of two novelettes titled "Disinherited" and "White Violets," In the Southland offers a highly romantic portrait of cavaliers, ladies, and plantation customs familiar to any reader of Southern historical fiction.

Laura L. Krey 's And Tell of Time , a later effort in the same manner, is a novel marinated in the Confederate worldview and one that, like Gone With the Wind , found much of value in the antebellum social order. Among the novelists who explored cotton-plantation culture in East Texas were a number who, instead of idealizing the past, criticized the present, especially the system of farm tenancy.

Dorothy Scarborough alone wrote three novels on the subject. Ruth Cross explored similar themes and materials. The Golden Cocoon paints a grim picture of life in the cottonfields and an even grimmer one of the faculty at the University of Texas, "a backwash of incompetents whom life had rejected. Several agrarian novels of the Thirties and Forties deserve mention. Edward Everett Davis's The White Scourge called cottonfields "the great open air slum of the South," an indictment that characterizes much of the fiction written about tenant farming.

John W. Wilson's High John the Conqueror is especially notable for its narrative skill in convincingly portraying the lives of black sharecroppers living on an East Texas farm. Lanham, Jr. Thomason's Lone Star Preacher belongs in the Southern tradition as well. On the basis of international reputation, the status conferred by inclusion in major anthologies of American literature, and the respect indicated by academic criticism, Katherine Anne Porter must be judged the most acclaimed Texas literary artist.

She, too, belongs indisputably to the Southern tradition. Goyen's The House of Breath is one of the more daring works of experimental modernist narration by a Texas writer. Told in highly convoluted oral and rhetorical style, it conveys a powerful sense of a provincial East Texas community giving way before the tide of modernity. Today Goyen's work is more highly valued in France than it is in the United States. William Humphrey has produced a number of novels and short stories grounded in the culture and mores of the corner of Northeast Texas where he grew up, in Clarksville, near the Arkansas-Oklahoma border.

Home from the Hill is a tale of a legendary hunter and a Gothic marriage, laced with the sometimes too obvious influence of William Faulkner. The Ordways is a comic picaresque tale that rambles across Texas. Perhaps best of all is Humphrey's memoir, Farther Off From Heaven , a book that charts the changes in East Texas from the s to the s. Lamar's presidency of the republic. William A. This Stubborn Soil gives an especially vivid account of the arduous struggle of a youth attempting to obtain an education in dirt-poor rural Texas in the first decades of the twentieth century.

Other recent East Texas writers of note include Bill Brett, whose first-person vernacular narration is reminiscent of Mark Twain. Leon Hale's Bonney's Place captures well the flavor of life surrounding a honkeytonk in East Texas. Mary Karr's memoir of a dysfunctional East Texas family, The Liar's Club , received glowing reviews in the national press. Although the history and culture of African Americans have been treated by most of the white writers in the Southern tradition, often very stereotypically, there is one major exception.

John Howard Griffin , a Catholic who studied art in France, underwent skin treatments to darken his skin in order to travel in the South as a Negro and recorded his experiences in an influential book during the civil-rights movement , Black Like Me There have as yet been few works by black Texas writers, though there is also some indication recently that things are beginning to change in this regard.

The earliest black writer of fiction in Texas was Sutton E. Two important black writers are folklorist J. Mason Brewer and C. White, a black preacher. In his collections of folk tales, The Word on the Brazos and Dog Ghosts and Other Texas Negro Folk Tales , Brewer depicted the humorous side of black life, though at the same time revealing the harshness and unpleasantness of life in a segregated society.

Holland, is the best account in Texas literature of growing up black in East Texas. More recently, Anita Richmond Bunkley in Black Gold combined historical research with a flair for steamy melodrama in a novel about blacks living in a Texas oil boomtown in the s. In addition to agriculture, East Texas was also the site of several important oilfield discoveries, and several novels have explored the impact of the oil industry on the lives of small communities in that region. Karle Wilson Baker 's Family Style describes the changes wrought by the oil boom upon the life of a farm woman.

Mary King O'Donnell's Quincie Bolliver also looks at oil-boom days from the perspective of the working class, in this instance a muleskinner's daughter. Jewel H. Gibson 's Black Gold humorously examines the rowdy life of roughnecks in the oil patch. Owens 's Fever in the Earth , set during the boom days following the opening of the Spindletop oilfield , studies the effects of instant wealth upon rural Southerners in the Beaumont area at the turn of the century.

Two other writers round out the picture of the Southern tradition. Madison A. Cooper 's Sironia, Texas is a whopping two-volume, 1,,word portrait of postbellum aristocratic families in Waco. Frederick B. Gipson of central Texas enjoyed considerable success with novels dealing on agrarian and hunting themes that embodied the flavor of Southern mores. Hound-dog Man , The Home Place , and Old Yeller , a very popular juvenile novel set on the frontier, were all made into films. Despite the accomplishment of Southern writers in the state, however, those who have written in the Western tradition have dominated the nation's popular conception of Texas.

Two seminal writers in this configuration are J. Frank Dobie and Walter Prescott Webb. Dobie's prolific reading and collecting of ranch lore led to such books as The Longhorns , The Mustangs , and Cow People , instant classics in the literature of the cattle culture. Webb, probably the most influential Western historian since Frederick Jackson Turner, is best known for The Texas Rangers , a romanticized, celebratory account of the exploits of the state's most famous frontier law-enforcement agency, and The Great Plains , a work of lasting impact in the study of the economy and ecology of the arid Western plains states.

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By ignoring East Texas and cotton culture, the work of Dobie and Webb strongly contributed to promulgating a picture of Texas as a Western state dominated by dust and cattle. Unintentionally, their version of Texas accorded perfectly with the Wild West, shoot-'em-up images being circulated in the works of popular novelists such as Zane Grey and in hundreds of Western movies. Though other writers in the Western tradition active in the s have been all but eclipsed by the popularity of Dobie and Webb, three deserve to be better known: Edward E.

Anderson , Winifred Sanford , and Edwin M. Anderson's Thieves Like Us is a hard-boiled tale of Bonnie-and-Clyde-type outlaws that has been filmed twice. Lanham, who produced several serious novels in the s before turning to detective fiction, is easily the most neglected of Texas novelists.

His The Wind Blew West is a complex study of the shifting fortunes of a small town bypassed by the railroad. The novel includes a fascinating retelling of the Warren Wagontrain Raid and the subsequent trial of the Indian defendants. Thunder in the Earth is a noteworthy addition to a largely undistinguished body of Texas fiction that deals with the oil and gas industry. Mencken, published a number of excellent stories about women in Texas in the s that were collected in Windfall and Other Stories Another writer of the Great Depression era who has recently resurfaced is Chicago-based Nelson Algren.

Nonfiction writers following in the wake of Dobie and Webb have produced a number of notable works dealing with Western life in Texas. Edward C. Abbott's rollicking We Pointed Them North with Helena Huntington Smith, is a wonderfully entertaining account of cattle drives and flesh-and-blood cowboys.

Philip Sharp, a private lands biologist for the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources, says that's a step in the right direction. Hunters here took 3, whitetails. That's the most since records have been kept by the state's fish and wildlife agency. Even more pertinent to trophy hunters is the fact that Crittenden has consistently shown a higher antlerless harvest over the past five seasons. For those interested in finding a wall- hanger, that's encouraging news. Of course, this practice of shooting more female deer is done under the assumption that taking more does will eventually lead to greater trophy opportunities.

Most hunters dream of taking a mature buck. He says there are far more antlerless deer afoot, which will be reproducing one or two more offspring each May. Unfortunately, observing huge numbers of females will not translate into bigger bucks. It does, however, lead to record harvests. With so many people buying land here, strictly for recreational use, Sharp says it makes sense that landowners get their heads together and decide to create co-ops, for a lack of a better term. That is where multiple landowners in a given area agree to manage deer herds with a specific goal in mind.

A six- pointer to a young hunter is just as much a trophy as a Boone and Crocket buck to a seasoned hunter. Hunters who want bigger bucks should hail the progress being made in harvest ratios over the last few years, but push for another percent increase in the doe harvest in the coming season. Biologists and trophy hunters agree that Crittenden County could be a significant trophy hunting area with a few more females removed from the forests. The entry was attributed to the entire staff. Tabor also earned second place for Best Column in Weekly Class 1. Compared to last week: Feeders traded 4.

Slaughter cows and bulls mostly steady. Chip Stewart, market specialist www. Only 1 Winner, So Hunt Hard! Chrysler LKS 4-daor car, lawn rrxnwr. Iota mere. West, Kentucky Red. A to ol other buadnga on 7. Vyc dadk. Jusl 1 FiWrt fhe parkrtg. C heck o Mt website for more info try Club. Cal for mare info Gh s. Kirk if she knew where Iron Hill was. Dean, Iron Hill, Ky. I wonder if any of these old platters are still around anywhere?

What a treasure they would be. Also, notes compiled by my father stated that James W. Was he postmaster at Iron Hill and, if so, where? The notes did not tell. I had one more thread to hang onto for help. Could this have been a post office also, later changed to Iron Hill? If so, the name could be accounted for. The farm house was located on a rise which indeed could be called a hill as described.

And did someone think there might be iron in that hillside? I did not know. Dean, described the site location. Also, it concerned the moving of the post office one-half mile east, May 22, So my vague and hazy feeling turned out to make sense. I was right. So I tried again. Yes, they had some of the information I was seeking, but not a working force to tabulate it.

After about six weeks, I received the film. She combed Livingston County for a machine to read the film. No luck. So we trekked down there. The only thing required of us was signing in and out. The post office James W. Woolf had been postmaster of had indeed been Iron Hill. The hardcover coffee table book will contain tales of bygone years from people who actually lived them. Life today is not what it used to be. But that we were real people with real lives. Main St. Ba,m,-5 p. We found that a Robert Phillips followed James W.

So, in all probability, Iron Hill Post Office gleaned its name from that hill and has been moved not once, but twice, despite the fact that there are no records in Washington, D. About midway up this rocky steep, a stream cut through a sort of gorge on the left and made a swash across the road. Often, when I crossed it, I wondered what kept horses from stumbling there.

It floated back and forth, sometimes higher, sometimes lower, but always at a distance. At left is a vintage photo of one of the old iron bridges in the Piney area of Crittenden County. This photograph was shared by Nancy Hopkins Rushing. Who knows? She died on Dec. She is also active in maintaining Crittenden County Historical Museum. Fifteen years experience. We look forward to serving you again this year. The IRS does not endorse any particular individual tax return preparer. For more information on tax return preparers go to IRS.

We try to keep up on the hi lest developments, in agriculture - in order to do a better job serving our ug customers.

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Our services ore avuilohle when you need Ihem. Jesus cried this out four times in one chapter of the Bible, Matthew Paul also did the same in four of his letters. This is called the antichrist. There are many different ideas of this teaching. We will read each of them and see just what it says in print. The first thing to settle is that the prefix anti means against. I am anti-abortion.

So antichrist is against Christ. There were so many against Christ that they killed Him. Again, we are told it was already in the world then. One that confesses not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh.

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This also, again, states it has already entered into the world. Let us look at the danger of waiting for a special and deceitful human to appear before we can know the end is upon us. Now, let us look at how Satan has deceived millions of people around the world to be against Christ. They believe they have to take over the world so the end of time will come and give them special privileges in Heaven. As John said, the spirit of antichrist was in the world then and certainly is in the world today. All of this is fulfilling the Bible's prophesy. Many good people are looking for the wrong sign because they have listened to others who are led to look for the wrong sign.

There, we will see Him face to face! Her opinions are her own, and are not necessarily those of the newspaper.

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Everyone is invited. Church youth groups are encouraged to attend and all denominations are welcome. Call for more information. Doors will open at p. This is the first work published by Gandee, who said she was prompted to write the study guide so more people would draw closer to Jesus and get to know Him better through the Word of God. Originally from Ripley West, Va. Our thanks goes out to those that sent food, flowers, cards, made calls and visited the funeral home. Our gratitude goes to Rev. Eddie Boone for his comforting words at the funeral, also to the U.

Air Force members for their military rites at the cemetery. We appreciate every act of kindness shown to us at this difficult time. Thank you to Dr. Thanks to Rev. Dean Ray and Rev. Rich Gardner for the service they gave. BelMlle Si. William Catholic Cljurcl Sunday Mass 11 a. Mai5L htorcr. Sunday k- tartl m a. JOiS Ifriimit print,. Bariy 11 Lx. Sundiiy EitnlLnK 6 p. G flunk. Burial was in Mapleview Cemetery. Mutter, 73, of Hopkinsville, formerly of Salem, died Jan.

She was of the Baptist faith. She was preceded in death by her companion of 17 years, James Cannon; her husband, William R. Burial was in Lola Cemetery. Condolences may be left online at BoydFuneral Directors. She was born Sept. Smith is survived by a son, Larry G. She was preceded in death by her husband, W. Barry Cullen officiating. She was a homemaker and had been employed for 25 years at Crittenden County Con- valescent Center prior to retirement. She was a member of Salem Baptist Church. He was preceded in death by his father, Clarence A. Wright; his mother, Viola Davidson; and his stepfather, R.

I Barnes Gass Frankie N. Gass, 87, of Marion died Jan. She was born Jan. Gass is survived by her husband, Harry Gass; two sons, Monte C. Private graveside services were held Jan. Arrangements were under the direction of Boyd Funeral Directors in Salem. Obituary policy Most obituaries in the newspaper are published at no charge, but extended obits are available for a small fee. The pilot's last contact with controllers was that he had lost sight of the airport.

The Piper PA landed upside down with the landing gear retracted. The couple's daughter Sailor survived the crash. Dollar Tree first offered to buy Matthews, N. Rather than being funded through general taxes on sales, income, payroll or property, Kentucky roads and bridges are paid for by those who use them. Last year, Gov. While the Democrat-controlled House passed the measure, the GOP-controlled Senate did not and the gas tax rate law was left unchanged. We know that you are happy and no more pain will you endure.

We miss you every day. If s a heartache that never goes away. Rose Ann, Wife of 58 years, 4 mo. It was greatly appreciated. The family ofla-Verne Travis Thank You On behalf of the family of Jerry Ritch, words cannot begin to express our heartfelt appreciation for the visits, calls, flowers, gifts and food brought to our home. Thank you to our neighbors for their monetary gift of love. Thank you to family and friends that came from out of town and state, and to our church, Emmanuel Baptist, and the ones that prepared and served our family and friends.

To Dr. Truong and staff of Livingston Hospital, and staff of Lourdes Hospital. Thank you to Bro. Gerald White and Bro. Rodney Cude for taking care of contacting the ministers. We would also like to thank Brad and the staff of Gilbert Funeral Home for the love and care the gave us. May God richly bless you as He has us. CwiMt E-rand on EJefi-oo,. Main St Salem, Ky www. Brad Giiben and his family haw always bean Ihere, And.

Ihey will be Lhene rtt-w yoo need Iha cam tan d a friend and a professional As part or its commitment Eo Ihe Gommumly Gilbert Funeral Home is holding lirm on rising coslfi. A traditional lunetaJ service si arts al S5. H you are interested in prearranging a fimecalor -1 you experience the loss ol a Loved one, please feel free Id call us al any lime about our Services. Pulling the blinds and turning regular lights on earlier in the evening may also help alleviate stress associated with the sun setting.

Ask your doctor about the supplement melatonin. All friends and family are invited to attend. Only out of town invitations are being sent. Each donor will receive a T-shirt. Tuesday, Feb. Monday, Feb. Wednesday, Feb. The reception will be held from 11 a. Narconon urges families take steps to protect themselves from drug use.

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Call for a free brochure on the signs of addiction for all drugs. Narconon also offers free screenings and referrals for counseling. Call for information. Palmer was hired on Nov. Ford Insurance Agency building. With Kentuckians on the waiting list for an organ transplant, there is no better time to join the Kentucky Organ Donor Registry. We also ask if you wish to be a registered organ donor.

Last year was a record year for Kentucky, thanks to the circuit clerks and their staff. In , If it was my husband or my friend who needed a transplant to live another day, I would want them to have one. These stories will be compiled into an inspiring, online wall dedicated to raising awareness about this mission. Visit the Trust for Life website at www. Also, there will be raffles, a silent auction and more. They were not home at the time and lost all of their possessions. Lunch is served at a.

Milk, coffee or tea are available each day. All menu items are subject to change based on availability. Every day, the center at N. Walker St. Upcoming activities and menu include: - Today: Menu is meatballs with gravy, mashed potatoes, lima beans, wheat bread slice and dreamsicle gelatin. Menu is chicken and dumplings, buttered spinach, seasoned cabbage, apple cobble and cornbread. January birthday cake will also be served. Only nine states have a higher rate and six are tied with Kentucky. While the local school district's graduation rate of The Capture the Earth photo contest is open to all Kentucky middle school students.

Middle school students may email one photograph as an attachment to kid- spho tocontest ky. Official rules are at eec. Shown above from left are Tinsley, Foster and Tabor. Jay Parrent. Currently, the first of four questions is featured on Dodson's blog at www. Some UK colleges require a 3. I in mediate Assembly Openings I si.

Ford Insurance Multiple choices. One agency. The club will be discussing plans for the upcoming recreational baseball and softball seasons hosted at Marion-Crittenden County Park. There will be some discussion about changing T-ball to youth kickball in The meeting is open to the public and anyone who wishes to have more information may call This includes opportunities to hunt coyotes during nighttime hours.

Hunters may apply online at lblquotahunt. There is a fee to apply. For more information, call Jude had a soccer team, Marie Riley would be first in line to tryout. She plans on being one of those half dozen. Once school is out this spring, Riley intends on running to get into playing shape. Her speed and good hands have made Riley an anomaly at goalie. The physical play in front of the net is what has drawn Riley to be a goal keeper. Her play has helped the Lady Rockets improve over the past few years. In her career, Riley has recorded about saves, but statistics are incomplete for most years.

Riley has been a fixture in the lineup since her ninth grade season when she entered a game at Todd Central and for the first time played keeper. She was named MVP for that contest and has never looked back. Now, with a college scholarship in hand, Riley is looking toward. For more action photos, see The Press online. The Rockets fell behind by 20 right out of the chute and University Heights Academy cruised to a victory.