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Eventually the car will begin "chirping" louder and louder through the horn. You can turn it off through the console, or by opening the door. It's not constantly beeping at you — only if you opened the back doors and you need a reminder or three to grab what you left back there. The idea came from the super-scary possibility of leaving kids in a baking vehicle, which can get fatally hot very quickly , even in cooler temperatures.

Mechanical engineer Marlene Mendoza helped create the RDA technology when she left a pan of lasagna in the back of her car. She was pregnant at the time, and it spurred the alert idea.

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She co-created the tech with engineer Elsa Foley. While it seems exceedingly simple, it's a pretty brilliant back-up system for our busy schedules and easily distracted minds. We're using cookies to improve your experience. In particular, we are concerned about proposals where it takes many years before results are seen, because twelve have already been lost this year in hot cars.

37 kids die each year after being left in a hot car.

And, the proposed mandate for notification technology in cars misses the targeted population, because so few parents of young children buy new cars. And with people keeping cars longer, its takes about two decades for a technology to reach all the passenger vehicles on our roads. Greater public awareness saves lives today. Editor's Note: As part of the live broadcast portion of this story, "GMA" wanted to highlight how to shatter a car window in an emergency with a Resqme window shattering tool.

Unfortunately the car on which "GMA" attempted to demonstrate the Resqme device, a Ford Explorer, had laminated side windows. As stated in the Resqme packaging and instructions, the device is designed to work on tempered glass windows and does not work on laminated windows. Resqme advises anyone who has a Resqme tool or is thinking of getting one to verify that the side windows on their vehicle are made of tempered glass.

Click here to see a demonstration of how the tool works. All rights reserved.

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Play ABC News. How 4 technologies designed to prevent hot car deaths work. Trump's 'Salute to America' July 4th celebration not without controversy.

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Prosecutor says charges to be dropped against woman who lost pregnancy in shooting. Heat, severe storms on tap for 4th of July. Russian seamen mourn submersible deaths. Midwife charged after at-home birth ends in tragedy.

Zombieland Survival Rules

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Garbage truck falls off of NYC area overpass, injuring at least US, Taliban scramble to rewrite draft on troop withdrawal. Iran says no talks with US unless supreme leader approves. Police surprised to find wrong bodies when digging up graves.

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