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Visa Run is written with humour and feeling and insight into the steamy worlds of Pattaya and Sihanoukville. The book is also filled with information of the sort that you certainly will not find in conventional travel guides. There are hysterical things happening every day in Thailand.

Siam Smile/s: Secrets of the Thais - Hugh Watson - Google книги

The trick is to spot the amusing moments and have a good laugh or snicker. Men have been coming to Thailand for many years now to enjoy the infamous night-life of cities like Pattaya, Bangkok and Phuket and to experience the girls that work in the thousands of bars around them.

Secret of Smiles: A Guide to Thai Cuisine (Teaser)

Some have found out to their cost that there are devils amongst the young women that ply their trade in the neon-lit forests of the country and others have been lucky enough to have discovered angels. This book contains the very best of them.

Many of the stories are funny and others are heart-warming. Some are distressing and one or two are bizarrely insane. There have been hundreds of books about the girls who ply the oldest trade in the world around the bars and night-spots of Thailand and it is certainly arguable that yet another volume on the subject would be excess to requirements.

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However, up until now it is true to say that nobody has ever given the girls and women in question a chance to have their say about the men who come to peruse the neon-lit jungles of the country and pay for their company and the author feels that it is high time somebody did so. But there are always two sides to every story.

Men who have spent any time at all around the night streets of Thailand will be able to identify these character types amongst the stories in this book and some might even recognize themselves. It all turns out to be a very funny story indeed! The Land of Smiles has many attractions to the overseas visitor, but none more powerful or better appreciated around the world than the alluring smiles of the young ladies working in its many bars. Communications breakdowns in such situations are the norm, rather than the exception — and they are multi-faceted, their roots and tentacles reaching far beyond simple linguistic barriers.

Love Talk takes a humorous look at some of the communications barriers faced by westerners enjoying for the first time the delights of long nights sipping cold beers in the company of warm-hearted women eager to get to know them better. With an insightful nod to the cultural divide that separates the typical western bar-lover and his new Thai girlfriend, Love Talk fills in the blanks and settles a few scores along the way. A higher level can only be reached when the preceding level is succesfully completed.

The point now is that the verymost people here didn't reach level four.

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They stick on a level of human development far below their potentials, doesn't matter how old they are. I have this idea since long also concerning many Westerners , but here in the 'third world' it's clearly the norm, affecting the vast masses of people and, particularly in Thailand , I find very, very few exceptions. Most people literally remain on a childish level of intelligence development. That is very serious, because living in a society with literally retarded people is bad for everybody.

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Humans are social beings, and our all sake depends on living in a society as sane, civilized and developed as possible. All the huge problems of our contemporary world can barely be solved by people with a severly minor IQ.

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Besides this is another perfect example for the total failure of the education system in Thailand and worldwide , where the target is to adapt children and adolescents to the existing Capitalist society, 'learning' it's 'values' including religion and nationalism and accepting all the nuisances and annoyances it is producing. Also being obedient to the authorities and don't question them or, if, in a way that it doesn't endanger the existing socialeconomic system.

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That is only meaned to conserve the existing system than to improve or change it to somewhat better. D espite the philosophical reminiscences most of the chapters remain superficially on the surface of social life, on the level of observation. Though, that's particularly for newcomers in Thailand , who desperately try to make sense out of the really weired things they experience here, the right thing. It's for example about taxi driving and bus rides, the way Thai People deal with problems 'mental erasure' Watson calles it, they pretend there is no problem and they weren't there.

A phenomenon frequently to observe in all-day-live. It's about the language, the style Thai's chat, the famous Thai 'wai', Westerners in Bangkok 's Khao San Road a multi-culture crash , the way Westerners behave here, particularly in long-term, the 'art of felony', shopping, shopping, more shopping and even more, more shopping, and much, much other stuff.

Watson tells his lessons with a good deal of humour, always refreshing to read.

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W hat Watson doesn't mention is what both Thai and Western and all other contemporary cultures on the planet have in common: blind consumerism. He makes himself a pretty poor example when cheering at certain supermarkets where one get's dozends of different cheeses and other exotic food stuff yes, cheese is very exotic in Thailand from a lot of countries around the world, or when he recommends the horrific traffic jams in Bangkok as a kind of patience therapie for stressed Westerners.

More serious, he has feverish dreams of how to load a shop card as quickly as possible full with the most expensive consumer crap one can find in a supermarket, hitting a benchmark with it, winning a competition and being rewarded with 10, dollars US. There are very few psychologists on earth who treat consumer idiocy.