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The series is called Journey To The Aisle, I decided to share the realness with fellow brides in hopes that my story helps others. My true passion is assisting and sharing.

The Journey Down The Aisle

Whether assisting our brides with selecting vendors or sharing knowledge with novice planners to grow their business through Wedding Creative Sessions , the end result is so satisfying. This series is not just about the dress fitting, cake tastings, and selecting venues.

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This series will also include deeper matters; like my fiance Kenneth being hospitalized one week after proposing, losing my job in the middle of wedding planning changed the budget for sure , losing my future Mother-in-Law last month; real life stuff. Yes, yes, yes; all these things happened while planning for the aisle!!

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I encourage you to comment below ask questions or share your story. Hi Everyone!

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My name is Marjorie and I am a travel and lifestyle blogger from the beautiful South Florida. I started this blog to share my personal experiences with others and influence those to step out of the box to just live a little.

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At that time, I was based in Lagos and he was in port Harcourt. He had it all planned out with my sister and I had zero idea about it.

Journey To The Aisle: Sexy Haul ft #AdoreMe

He called me the day before and said he was in Lagos and I laughed in disbelief but then an hour later he surfaced at my doorstep. That was when I realized what was about to happen: he knelt down and asked me to marry him and of course I said YES to my one true love. Though Prisca and Oliver were in long distance relationship at one point, they found a way to make it work because of love.

The Journey Down The Aisle

Now that their life as man and wife has begun, they hope to "build a beautiful life together as a family and make heaven together. She gushed over he new husband: "I love his kind hearted nature, his smartness and above all the love I see in his eyes when he looks at me. Oliver loves how calm Prsica is, but we love her fashion sense and flawless beauty. Prisca concluded her story with the unforgettable marital advice: "Know what you want and know you deserve better.